A Call For Submission

This is a call to arm your pens and sharpen your minds. The world of academia needs more credible scholarly articles that explore the diverse realms of heavy metal music. Rising from the turmoil of the twentieth century its birth in the clamourings of jazz, rock and punk can be observed and mapped throughout myriad cultures and countries.

The cries of generations can be heard and felt in this constantly expanding genre that holds such a wealth of symbolism, social commentaries, revolutionary calls and biting political satire. Our time, our past and our future is being crystallised into a genre that defines us and is defined by us. Often described as a community of outsiders, we who function together and create constantly evolving forms of expression need to define who we are and what it is we do. This is a community filled with enthusiastic amateurs, professionals and fans who have dedicated themselves to music.

Any topic that touches on heavy metal, or even alternative music in general, would be a welcome breath of fresh air. Lets create something new and add to the already blooming global community that is nurtured by heavy metal.

Tell your friends, tell your teachers and leave those kids alone. Submissions are open and can be emailed to ninadoeswork at gmail dot com. The first edition of this online journal will be published once there is enough material and a limited circulation of printed copies with an accompanying mixtape will be released alongside it.

In the meantime please do contact me on Facebook or by email if you have any questions. I will also start making plans to arrange a conference so if you or anyone you know would like to attend and present a paper, speak, or just watch then do let me know.

Nina Saeidi